(Cars Are The New Way Of Driving In This Game)

Go to this link to check out the game (www.gamespot.com/driveclub/)

This game is gonna blow yah mind!!!!

Through my research i found that this game is totally amazing (BTW) I actually bought the game and played it for about 24hrs a day

Now, lets get onto the parts where we actually review the game and etc…

So this game is a racing/freeroaming type of game there are many different cars to choose from the game physics are amazing but that’s not all the graphics are also stunning and beautiful the creators of this game (Evolution Studios) in my opinion, i think they’ve done and amazing job on making this game and i totally respect them.

Cool, Cool new update they’ve added a first person mode into the game (SRY just had to tell you that)

I don’t think i’ll add any photos in this post but i do have one photo of the lamborghini in Drive Club

If you like the game where you drive sport cars and roam around the terrain then u is gonna love dis game

This game has only been released about 3 months ago yet i still want to talk about this amazing game.


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